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Lomil Truitt

Commercial Consultant


Lomil Truitt is an experienced real estate consultant with over ten years of real estate experience. He is dedicated to helping his clients locate the perfect commercial property for their specific needs. He accomplishes this by identifying their target market, finding the perfect location to serve that market, and ensuring that the appropriate customer base is reached.

Lomil uses his experience as a certified business coach to help his clients obtain the clarity that is sometimes necessary to focus on their business goals. He can help enhance their vision, increase their drive, and help them achieve compelling results by providing them with the necessary tools. His coaching experience provides him with valuable insight into what his clients need to improve their business and find the ideal commercial property.

He believes in always being present for his clients, and puts their needs first. He is capable of effectively communicating with his clients and other parties involved in real estate transactions. He will ensure that the commercial property needs of his clients are met, regardless of how long it takes to locate the perfect property. He has resources that allow him to search commercial properties in the area and locate the one that is the perfect fit for his client and their specific commercial needs.